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We specialize in luxury interior design who that provides high-quality 3D photo-realistic renderings, branded visuals,  along with personal shopping. We help you move to the future and make your fantasy a living, breathing reality with our Virtual Home design also known as eDesign Services. 

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who are we 

Specializing in high-quality, luxurious designs worldwide, Trust Kisha Designs is dedicated to clarifying, creating, and developing your personal vision through one-on-one collaboration and professional design services tailored to your unique tastes and customized to meet your specific needs and desires. No looking at hundreds of color swatches and fabric patterns trying to decide what goes with what. No stressing about choosing just the right décor.

Using “renderings”, we’re able to give you a REAL feel for what your space can and will look like. A rendering is an idea brought to life using specialized technology to create exclusive 3D photo-realistic images that showcase the overall design scheme, theme, colors, placement, style of art, objects, and décor, right down to the lighting. Your dream design can be presented to you before we make it a reality. Our beautiful renderings help you to visualize it all!

When transforming a house into a home, you want someone you can trust to bring your interior design dreams to life, incorporating their expert skill, talent, and creative eye with your specific style and taste. Whether you have an idea of what you want for your home, or just know that you need a change, Trust Kisha Designs is the interior design firm for those who want dramatic, distinctive interior makeovers, even if they aren’t able to visualize the transformation. 

That’s what THE DESIGN GENIE™ is for! 


We make interior design wishes come true! How? By first determining how you intend to use your space, which is as essential as discovering (or helping you find) your individual style. We feel that form and function are equally important. Our focus is on transforming your space into an environment that is not only breathtakingly beautiful but a completely comfortable, yet functional and has the energy or “vibe” of space that must draw you in and make you want to stay there.

The feel 'vibe' of a space is a fundamental element of our design process and is not to be overlooked but enhanced. Rooms are emotional places as well as creative expressions. Trust Kisha Designs transforms rooms into works of art that stir the soul. It is our mission to convert your uninspiring spaces into special places where all of your senses are delighted and nourished. So how do we work our magic? We pay attention… 

Clients love our Collaborative process where we help them refine their dream design with one-on-one collaboration using the power of 3D photorealistic renderings. we work together to develop a specific look and feel they couldn’t have envisioned on their own. Location is not an issue, as our Virtual Design Studio enables us to help anyone make their design fantasy a reality.  

OUR WORK, 3d Photorealistic Render s to showcase our luxury renders


Trust Kisha Designs is the interior design firm for those who want dramatic, distinctive interior makeovers, even if they aren’t able to visualize the transformation.

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"I have known Kisha for a number of years and have been impressed with Kisha's talent. Her work is always up-to-date with a flair for the eclectic. You can be assured of a superior end product! In addition to her work, Trisha brings to the "party" professionalism, personality and an unparralled enthusiam. I can wholeheartedly recommend TRUST KISHA DESIGNS." 

New Jersey, USA 

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Kisha's interiors are bold and vibrant with a modern twist on classic design. She blends pattern and texture to create warm and inviting spaces. Allowing TRUST KISHA DESIGNS to design your space will lead to a delightful partnership and stylish space

Angie M,
South Carolina, USA

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Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of observing as a fellow designer took her little idea and developed it into a brilliant new home decor site!

At TRUST KISHA DESIGNS one is taken on a lovely aesthetic journey through home design. With a special flair and a unique eye for beauty, Kisha's designs are always stunning, chic and luxurious. You just want to wrap yourself up in them!

Inspiring, full of fresh ideas and giving us a distinctly different take on home decor, this is TRUST KISHA DESIGNS!"

Sherri Belcher
Mesa, AZ, USA

What Our Clients Are Saying

From Eclectic to Modern, Minimalist to Luxury, THE DESIGN GENIE™ works her magic. Here is just some of what our clients love about Trust Kisha Designs

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