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Hello! I’m Kisha, CEO of Trust Kisha Designs and THE DESIGN GENIE™ 
Why am I known as THE DESIGN GENIE™ ? Because I make interior design wishes come true. Yes, I do! I turn my clients' design and décor fantasies into realities, and I do this all with creative vision and my favorite 3d rendering tools.

I focus on transforming upscale residential interiors to reflect the unique styles and personalities of my clients while giving them flawless function as well as superior design. I'm passionate about every project I take on.


I eat, sleep, and breathe D E S I G N. It’s my obsession!


My joy is bringing projects to life by starting with nothing more than an idea; a vision, and turning that vision into a living, breathing reality.

Reasons to Get in Touch with Me 

 • You’re buying, or have just purchased, a home and want it designed in style, perhaps even before you move in.
• You need a space for a specific function, such as to work, to rest, to create.
• You’re looking at your space and it feels old and tired. You’re ready to give it a proper, professional makeover.
• You have a Dream Vision, a look and feel you want in your home, but you want someone else to make it happen.
• You want a change, but you’re not sure what kind of look and feel you’re after.
• You have questions about our services or availability.
• You just want to say Hello! 


Get in Touch with Me! Let’s make your Dream Design wishes come true!

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