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getting to know you 

When transforming a house into a home, you want someone you can trust to bring your interior design dreams to life, incorporating their expert skill, talent, and creative eye with your specific style and taste. Trust Kisha Designs is dedicated to clarifying, creating, and developing your personal vision through one-on-one collaboration and professional design services tailored to your unique tastes and customized to meet your specific needs and desires.



Collaborate and Conceptualize


So how do we work our magic?

Clients love our Collaborate and Conceptualize process where we help them to refine their dream design. Through one-on-one collaboration, we work together to develop a specific look and feel they couldn’t have envisioned on their own.

Once you submit your DREAM DESIGN REQUEST, we can then set up a MINGLE-n-GREET, our Connection Call, to proceed with your vision. 

connecting your vision


Moodboards ​are one of the most important ways to make sure we’re illustrating your vision correctly. They are a visual collection of ideas presented in collage form to convey a mood or theme sharing materials, colors, and décor that give clients an idea of our direction, enabling us to turn it into a reality together.

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LIVING CHIC with APT2B trust kisha designs

Power Of 3d Rendering


Using “renderings”, we’re able to give you a REAL feel for what your space can and will look like. A rendering is an idea brought to life using specialized technology to create exclusive 3D photo-realistic images that showcase the overall design scheme, theme, colors, placement, style of art, objects, and décor, right down to the lighting. Your dream design can be presented to you before we make it a reality. Our beautiful renderings help you to visualize it all!

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