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|| DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ARTIST: artxiris ||

📢 #enterview

What is your name or art handle name [why]? @ART X IRIS

On average, how long does a typical project take? What type of project is it? I have multiple types of projects: Paintings, illustrations (digital art), Line art, or graphic designs. Projects can take from an hour, up to a week.

Who has been your HERO ARTist or mentor in your art path? I am inspired by a number of artists from multiple disciplines. Some of them are :

Dapperlou, Frida Kahlo, Sarah Diouf, Minju Kim, and Jimmy Korean.

If you had to pick only 3 albums to take along on a vacation with for a 2-month break, what would they be? 1. Made in Lagos_Wizkid

2. The piano album_PJ Morton

3. About Time_Sabrina Claudio

4. I Am_Earth Wind & Fire (this is terribly hard :D )

If you had to take only 3 art utensils on an international trip for 2 weeks, what would you take and why? Ipad, computer, Sketchbook


What is your favorite medium of art? Acrylic Paint

|| ONE WORD FLIP| what one word comes to mind when you see, hear or read these words: 1. Abstract 2.surrealism 3.powerful 4.Frida 5.inspired

1 Mind

2 Imagination

3 Black

4 Strong

5 Meaningful

Has art always been your passion...when did you notice it and what sparks your creative juices?

I've always loved art in général. It's my way to focus, channel my emotions, and express myself. I am inspired by the beauty around me, from nature to the marvelous black women.

If you got paid 3 million dollars for a commission job to create for a museum display of you work...What would your process of creating be? How long would it take you to present your final work? What would you create to be seen by the world in a museum?

How long would it take you to present your final work? What would you create to be seen by the world in the museum? Adding to my previous response, I would focus on that "darkness" that us black people were thought to hate and reveal it to be our strength. I believe that our heritage, our "blackness" makes us stronger, resilient, and beautiful.

What's the biggest compliment you have taken to heart and cherished?

It would be how people appreciate my work ethic. From employers, colleagues to now clients and collaborators. I do take it to heart.

What type of mindset does a full-time artist need to have and what does your day look like? Find your own lane or lanes. Do not limit yourself. Every day is different, and every day is a challenge. But stay consistent and true to your art.

A Trust Kisha Design using ART X IRIS artwork

Music is a big influence, what type of music do you listen to when creating, if you do? How does it assist in your creative process or does it?

Jazz, Old school RnB, and Soul. Music is very important, it sets the mood to create your piece.

Do you have one tip for other budding artists or even veteran artists, what would it be?

Being an artist is also a job, you have to be consistent, and work on your branding.

Do you offer commission work and how can others learn about collaborating with you? What are your contacts?

Yes, I do. You can email or dm me and we can go from there.

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If you have any questions for our featured artist please leave them below and also tell her how you liked her ENTER.view.

Oh and if you want to dive deeper check out Iris on her Behance or Instagram website



FOLLOW ARTxIRIS Instagram @artxirisdesign


+596696 459 009

Iris has a website new launch of her website coming soon. In the meantime, peek here to be inspired by her works


Thank you Iris for your time and for sharing yourself with us. Cheers to the future!

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🏡 3D Photorealistic Render Graphics by: TRUST KISHA DESIGNS IG @trustkisha

🎨 Paintings by Artist IG @artxirisdesign


You can direct your design requests for THE DESIGN GENIE™ to help you visualize your dream space...or do you just want to get into my 'Designers head' and ask

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