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What is your name or art handle name [why]? @kimknoll

On average, how long does a typical project take? What type of project is it? A painting can take anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks to complete.

Who has been your HERO ARTist or mentor in your art path? There are a lot of artists I look up to but no one who mentors me. A few artists whose work I admire are Beñat Olaberria, Ewa Matyja, Monica Perez, and Michael McGuire If you had to take only 3 art utensils on an international trip for 2 weeks what would you take and why? 1 Paintbrush, 1 squeegee, and painters tape because I need all three to make paintings.


What is your favorite medium of art? Paintings on paper

|| ONE WORD FLIP| what one word comes to mind when you see, hear or read these words: 1. Abstract 2.surrealism 3.powerful 4.Frida 5.inspired


Has art always been your passion...when did you notice it and what sparks your creative juices?

It’s been my passion since as early as I can remember. I remember watching cartoons as a kid and drawing the characters on paper, stapling the papers together and making my own coloring books. I’m constantly inspired by visuals and thoughts and that alone is enough to spark my creativity.

If you got paid 3 million dollars for a commission job to create for a museum display of you work...What would your process of creating be? How long would it take you to present your final work? What would you create to be seen by the world in a museum?

I have no idea how to answer this since the process would depend on the scope/size that is required for the project. I’d also need to think for a good month on what I would create.

What's the biggest compliment you have taken to heart and cherished?

When the artist Beñat Olaberria who I admire told me he genuinely likes my work. It meant a lot coming from him.

What type of mindset does a full time artist need to have and what does your day look like? You have to stay curious and explore new ideas to further your practice, accept that you won’t have a consistent income and confident that your work will sell. My day to day always varies. Depending on what deadlines I need to meet, I jump around from painting to editing my website to placing orders with my printer to emailing to signing contracts and invoicing to marketing myself on Pinterest and Instagram.

Do you have one tip to other budding artist or even veteran artist, what would it be?

Just do the work, don’t compare yourself to others and stay true to your vision.

Do you offer commission work and how can others learn about collaborating with you? What are your contacts?

I offer commission work to art consultants only at this time since I am trying to build a new body of work.

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Thank you Kim for your time and for sharing yourself with us. Cheers to the future!


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