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I decided to open up and test my hand out with creating a blog here on my website sharing my love of art, design, fashion, and whatever else is on my mind. But you will mostly see inspirations in the art and design world. I'm a HUGE fan of art and have been promoting new and old artists in a group of like minds for over 6 years. Now that I think about it, it could be more like 8 years. It all started at the long-lived and loved POLYVORE. It was a beautiful creative community with a forum and access to a drag-n-drop interface. With that drag-n-drop function, it was encouraged to create outfits or FASHION SETS as they were called. But of course, CREATIVES are CREATIVE and think outside of the box and once POLYVORE added the CLIPPER you could import anything and create ANYTHING. So later down the line, it became a fashion, art, home or moodboard, etc.

So within that community, you could have a piece of the internet by creating a GROUP to be a moderator for. So of course being me and super inspired by the idea of PLAYING with like minds...I create a group ORANGE CRUSH [heck I created 3 to be exact and co-moderated in a number of others] In that group I hosted a UNIQUE contest to inspire the creatives wanting a challenge and there I also introduced ARTist of The Month. I would seek NEW talents JULIE AHMAD, HEATHER OFFORD, and JACKY KRIELLART to name a few. I would ask their permission to SHOWCASE their works with my group in full detail and was ECSTATIC when I would get a COOL YES. Now, this was when I only had two little ones under the age of 3.

As time passed by, I started to realize my true calling when I discovered creating interior or home moodboards. Let me tell you, it was Life-changing indeed! An epiphany of many to come in this lifetime for sure. From there, I created one of the most exciting groups CHANGE IT UP which was focused on home decor but only to be presented in MOODBOARD form. At that time I didn't see many editorial-like moodboards so I wanted to create that space and to be completely honest...I didn't even know how to create a realistic space with these 2D items I was importing into the platform. Plus, it also Inspired those who felt like me and couldn't or just didn't like making fully designed sets/presentations. Even though I was totally in love with moderating a HOME DECOR group... I still couldn't stop longing and seeking new art. So from there birthed FLIP THIS ARTist which is a non-profit group which focuses on promoting and sharing the talents of artist around the world of the past and present.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS NEXT and WHY Im sharing this information....welp, its because Im so excited I will be sharing a way to help you infuse your home with awesome talented featured artists works. And if you stick around, you might even gain a piece of them with ENTER.views when they are available.

Saporas wine room All art created by Jacky Kriellart @Sapora


Currently, over in my group at URSTYLE we are featuring the beautiful abstract Artist from Chicago, Il [USA] KIM KNOLL check it out here

In the future, I will host migrate the group here with an open forum for like minds. STAY TUNED.


🎨 Artworks by Artist IG @julieahmad @sapora @kimknoll [ chronological order-top-to-bottom]


You can direct your design requests for THE DESIGN GENIE™ to help you visualize your dream space...or do you just want to get into my 'Designers head' and ask


contact ➡️ and we can see if we are a great fit to collaborate.

Cheers 😘

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