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How is your season feeling to you....are you enjoying the SUMMERs heat or the cuddle WINTER weather?

It finally feels like Summer here in Southern California, so I couldn't resist sharing some outdoor vibes.

I really enjoy @kennethcobonpue line, he makes some amazing outdoor furniture. I love his pieces as they are unique with a nod to some really iconic styles. Do you remember the wicker peacock chairs from the 70's - the early '80s. Welp, Kenneth has a cool version of that chair you should check it out here.


This Chair is amazing and reminds me of the oh so fabulous #beetle by @gubi. This chair here is a similar shape by Hübsch called the "Anitra" armchair that @vivalagoon offers. Wouldnt it look great as an outdoor/indoor dining chair paired with a round concrete table....SWOON and a @brabbu#kayanmirror won't hurt either.


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